What am I going to do with the Vostro?

First thing I want to address is that I find it pretty crazy that in the last few days my blog actually received a little traffic. I even got a comment! It sounds crazy but I didn’t even think about someone reading these posts and it turns out I received some visitors! That’s pretty exciting to me.

Back to the Dell Vostro. I’m still using it! I’m getting more and more comfortable with Linux and its still been quite an enjoyable experience since I swapped to the XFCE desktop over the standard Cinnamon Linux Mint flavor.

I did make a few changes though. At work I happened to stumble across something a customer didn’t want that I had a use for. A T6600 Core 2 Duo. A really cool feature about the Vostro is that its very up-gradable and the upgrades are very convenient. In this case the processor is right behind a single door and the T6600 happened to be compatible and a substantial upgrade to the stock T5870 that came with it.

So here I am with an upgraded processor. The CPU doesn’t always chug when I open something now, its quite a substantial improvement and its very welcomed from what it was previously. The Intel 965 could use an upgrade but sadly that can’t be done unless i’m going to break out a lot of solder…. yeah that’s not going to happen. Its staying in and I dont think it would work if I tried to replace it. I originally thought this had the 8400m in it. It doesn’t.

I do have a few ideas what I’m going to do though. I’ve tried a few games (very low intensity stuff i.e Runescape, Stardew Valley) and these seemed to run okay. Even Runescape 3 which was surprising. It took a lot of effort to install because of my unfamiliarity with how Linux operates but with enough googling I got it done. Also, by “okay” I mean Runescape ran. Not well, and at the bare minimum settings, but it was playable.

What surprised me was Stardew Valley. I figured this game could run on some low end hardware being as even visually its very similar to a SNES game, but it runs awesome on this machine. I was floored. To me, that’s really cool.

I think i’m going to download a few emulators and try those out and maybe finally play Final Fantasy VI (III here in the states).

That’s all for now. I’ll try to blog about something other than the Vostro next time. Perhaps this HP 8200 Elite that I’ve butchered might receive a post.

It seems i’m turning this blog into more of a journal, and that’s okay by me.



Screw titles.

I think I’ve decided that the main goal of this blog is to just be able to come back to it in a few years and cringe. I’m pretty sure that’s an admiral goal and an achievable one. For that reason i’m glad that I can’t access all the old things I had written as a kid on Myspace. I don’t think my face could tolerate all the contortions.

Anyway, a topic change is in order. I’ve already stated I don’t really understand the purpose of a blog and that i’m going to treat it kind of like a bunch of public diary entries. Which is cool I because that way I don’t have to worry about anyone digging it up later and reading it without my permission.

So uh, ghetto diary entry number one will be as follows:

I made it through work and its 1:30 in the morning. The air conditioner is on. My lights are bright. I’m drinking a Coke. It has bubbles in it. I like bubbles.

That’s pretty good if I say so myself. Yeah… perhaps i’m not the best at writing in a diary.