Screw titles.

I think I’ve decided that the main goal of this blog is to just be able to come back to it in a few years and cringe. I’m pretty sure that’s an admiral goal and an achievable one. For that reason i’m glad that I can’t access all the old things I had written as a kid on Myspace. I don’t think my face could tolerate all the contortions.

Anyway, a topic change is in order. I’ve already stated I don’t really understand the purpose of a blog and that i’m going to treat it kind of like a bunch of public diary entries. Which is cool I because that way I don’t have to worry about anyone digging it up later and reading it without my permission.

So uh, ghetto diary entry number one will be as follows:

I made it through work and its 1:30 in the morning. The air conditioner is on. My lights are bright. I’m drinking a Coke. It has bubbles in it. I like bubbles.

That’s pretty good if I say so myself. Yeah… perhaps i’m not the best at writing in a diary.


Author: Killakriq

I'm 27. I have a BA in History, I like to write and I enjoy computers. That's about it.

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