I really don’t know where i’m supposed to go with this, but typing on this keyboard is pretty satisfying so i’m just going to type some stuff out to take the edge off.

There’s a lot I don’t really understand about this website in the way of formatting and such but to be fair I’ve already stated I don’t know what i’m doing about six times and I haven’t even said anything.

Okay. Introductions. Hi. My name is Killakriq. If you can’t pronounce that it’s totally fine. Its a reference to something obscure in an already obscure game which literally has no implications on anything that i’m writing about. Other than that I graduated about six months ago with a B.A. in History with a minor in Philosophy. The ways it has helped me since graduating are immeasurable (kidding, I work at OfficeMax).

Blogs though? Like I said, typing on a mechanical keyboard is soothing and I figured typing gibberish into a .txt file is pretty lame to just delete it. Whats the next best thing? Post that gibberish online. I don’t even know how long blog posts normally are. I don’t even read blogs. Did I mention I don’t know what I’m doing? I did? Good.

I did try the Youtube thing. That ended about as well as you would expect. The main reason for that is that in my house only one person knows when I’m recording and the rest would assume that I’m a lunatic and i’m talking to myself. On a normal day this would be fine but when i’m seriously trying to crack jokes at a monitor it gets pretty awkward. I figured starting a blog could be a happy medium.

I guess really this is going to be about my life and work as things happen. Kind of how like LiveJournal used to work if anyone remembers that. I’ll try to add humor but since i’m an edgy millennial it probably wont work and i’ll probably just offend someone. Probably just because sarcasm doesn’t translate through text well and i’m kind of a jerk.

Hopefully there will be many more rambling and pointless posts in the future.


Author: Killakriq

I'm 27. I have a BA in History, I like to write and I enjoy computers. That's about it.

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